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Cakes are of different kinds, some are TEA TIME CAKES, SUGAR CRAFT CAKES, GATEAUX’s, BROWNIES, etc. All of these originated in Europe and were made with eggs only. As the trend filtered to India, since we are majority vegetarians, we converted them into EGGLESS CAKES. Sonjuhi specialises in EGGLESS CAKES and confectionary of all kinds. Sonjuhi has mastered the art of baking EGGLESS tea time cakes, EGGLESS gateaux’s, EGGLESS brownies, EGGLESS sugar craft cakes, etc. She not only sell’s these handcrafted personlised cakes but also teaches them at all level’s, i.e; Housewife certified professional course for women who want to bake professionally at home for themselves and their families, Homebakers professional baking course for women who want to start niche business from home and lastly Professional consultancy for people who want to start a bakery shop. Sonjuhi teaches all eggless and with egg (if desired) cakes and confectionary to give you the liberty to bake as you desire. Sonjuhi teaches the fine art of baking that not only tastes the best but is also healthy to its very last bite.
Professional consultancy:
Duration: 3-5 months
The housewife certified professional course is a fully equipped course for women and men who want to bake and cook professionally with an added health factor at home for them and their families. This course includes all the cooking and baking in the form of courses and single classes as workshops too. Learn how to cook and bake professionally so u can avoid eating outside. Treat ur family to professionally baked delicacies such as eggless cakes eggless breads eggless puff pastry and Danish pastries etc and professional food such as sizzlers, pasta, pizzas etc.

Professional Consultancy is provided to those who want to start their own Bakery shop. This includes, man-power training, costing, sourcing, pricing. Business plan consultation and review. Assistance on buying material and equipment. Guidance on professional installation of machinery.Personal trainingof the owner etc
Selling Customised Cakes and Confectionary:
Homebaker’s Professional Baking Course is for women and men who want to start niche business from home. This course includes all the baking courses as it is in the Housewife Certified Professional Course and workshops with more recipes under each course classification and advanced techniques. This course will also have a personal class for undivided attention.
Sonjuhi’s baking academy offers the opportunity to not only learn but also purchase the Sonjuhi’s exclusive eggless cakes which are creatively beautiful and tastefully dressed as per your style and desire. You can buy or order best, tasty and lip smacking customized cakes, chocolates, desserts & brownies from Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s baking academy in Mumbai.

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