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Art of Fatless and Low Calorie Cooking
Step out of unnatural ways of eating to lose weight, such as dieting or eating only salads or simply having juices and other such incomplete routines.
Oil Free Cooking

We have often discovered that such routines leave us dissatisfied and desiring normal healthy meals.
Such routines also leave us frustrated and unhappy.
We find ourselves returning to old food habits sooner than necessary. In fact, we often find ourselves disturbed and distracted due to lack of normal balanced and nutritive diet.
These regimens may often leave us completely out of our rhythm of daily living.

An elaborate FATLESS & LOW CALORIE menu consisting of 17 items and more for complete meals. The Menu consists of healthy Oil Free dishes like Soups, Salads, Snacks, Vegetable Preparations, Rice Preparations (Pulav, Biryani etc.), Paratha, Dals (Lentils), Desserts, Chinese Dishes and much more.
Our menu offers a wide variety by which you are assured not to get bored of eating the same preparation everyday. Your ingenuity to try variations, other than what we offer only adds to the variety of the cuisine.
Our health cuisine is beneficial for individuals suffering from illnesses such as disorders of heart and other organs, diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, jaundice etc.

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Eat to your hearts content
while losing your weight.
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