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Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s Baking Academy
Mrs. Sonjuhi Malhotra
Baking has always been Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s passion. It has been their endeavour to teach eggless cakes and confectionary to a level of expertise to their students. However, more than baking itself it is the joy of seeing their students bake a perfect eggless cake that is priceless to them. For them the smile on their student’s face when he/she bakes his/her first flawless eggless cake is more satisfactory than the cake itself. It is their vision to keep spreading such smiles across the world. Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s baking Academy is the culmination of this very vision. For Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra this is not just an institute of imparting knowledge about baking eggless cakes and confectionary, it is about training and enhancing the passion for an art that is beyond mere cooking.
About Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra
Sonjuhi is a Post Graduate in business management and computers and having experience as a HRD professional in her father's industry, she embarked upon her dream of 'Baking a Perfect Eggless Cake'. To accomplish her dream of 'Baking a Perfect Eggless Cake', she educated herself in the field of Baking and Confectionery. An enterprising Professional Consultant and Trainer in Baking and Confectionery, having many years of experience in the field.
A Shield holder for Craft Course in Baking and Confectionery, Post Graduation in Fast Food Operations and M.Sc. in HOTEL Management and Catering Technology, she also undertook rigorous training at several reputed institutions. She is a active life member with N.A.B.I. and S.I.B.

Vijay Raj Malhotra stands equally beside Sonjuhi to make a perfect pair and an unmatchable partnership. He has been educated in the field of engineering and is a double masters attaining a degree in management (MBA) and MSc. He is certified in HMCT. A consultant and a food technologist he is forever striving to make and create eggless forms of everything that can be cooked, baked and created. It has been his endeavour to make everything tasty and good looking. He works towards making everything easy and a cake walk for students and upcoming passion filled entrepreneurs. The recipes are easy thus making it relaxing and inviting.

Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra are a dream team as far as baking and anything close to baking is concerned. Their intense zeal, determination and talent is their forte and have emerged as Bakers Par Excellence, getting for themselves recognition and popularity. They have to their credit several articles published in reputed magazines like Femina, New Woman and other leading dailies and newsprints. Their different demonstrations have also been aired by several television channels like Sony, Doordarshan in Mumbai for their popular food shows. They also successfully MARKET Baking Confectionery Premixes for which they have gained further popularity and recognition.

After having said enough about their education and achievements in the field of Baking, lets now throw some light on the years Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra have spent in experimenting and developing easier and more student friendly ways of baking and creating the serene and beautiful art of baking eggless cakes and confectionary.

They have been conducting Professional Baking Confectionery Courses since 1993, and also offer Professional Consultancy to Multi Nationals and Popular Bakeries. So far Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra have over a period trained about 20,000 + students. They conduct TRADE tests for Professional Bakers and Confectioners. Sonjuhi is also a visiting professor for several Educational Baking Institutes in the subject of Baking, Confectionery, Cake Decoration, Fast Food and other food technology programs. Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra have conducted research in food and diet technology and have introduced a whole new leg known as, 'Lifestyle Cleansing'. They also conduct a Course which includes guidance on a healthy living with personalised home visits, special yoga tips and consultancy. They strive not only to make their students aware of the healthy living they can live but also to make sure that the families gain the benefit as well. They teach more than 120 Recipes of all your favourite foods, excluding the recipe additions you are bound to create from your own personal kitchen and your aquired 'Art of Cooking'. Many of their students have recieved prizes and applause at competitions for Low Calorie Cooking conducted by several slimming and health centers.

Under her own brand they MARKET only Premium Eggless Cakes, Eggless Desserts, Eggless Mousses, Eggless Cheesecakes etc. They have now introduced a new designer dessert studio called the 'Freedom Konditorei' to facilitate the customers to create and design their own Eggless Cakes, Eggless Desserts, Eggless Puddings etc, almost infinite combination of Dessert Delicacies other than the listed Eggless Desserts, Eggless Cakes etc. in the menu.

Specializing in manufacturing only Eggless Premium Quality products like Cakes, Desserts, Eggless Biscuits, Cookies, Healthy Low Cholesterol and Low Sugar, Whole Wheat Cookies etc. These are premium quality products which are prepared under hygienic conditions.

Vijay Raj Malhotra is the first in the industry to have created the premix of eggless fondant so as to facilitate eggless bakers to reach beyond their restrictions and obstacles. Now they do not have to fear the art of draping and decorating the cakes. With this creation Vijay Raj Malhotra has made every students life easy, everyone can have the freedom to let their imaginations run wild and creativity to touch its highest peak.

Mission: Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s mission is to make their students excel in the fine art of baking with a keen interest in making the cakes and confectionary not only taste great but also taste great being eggless and chemical free making it healthy in all spheres. It’s their endeavour to make sure that their students reach the zenith of their love for home alongwith the taste of professional bakers. Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s Baking Academy’s mission is to teach every passionate baker, be it man or woman, housewife or architect, how simple the art of baking can be.

Our Philosophy: "We know the joy and excitement of creating wonderful Sugar Craft Decorations and Chocolates or Baking something really enjoyable and SHARING it straight from the oven. Our aim is to provide the best educational experience for each and every student. We will demystify the science and technology and inspire you to create something fantastic. We will teach you the craft and skills to do it successfully - every time".

Women Empowerment: Women and bakeries have a close relationship. At the academy we not only want our students to excel in the fine art of baking and eggless baking but also want to give them a good platform to become entrepreneurs and eventually make a beginning with their own business ventures. Our dream has borne fruit with many students launching successful bakeries and confectionary businesses from home as well as professionally after passing out from the academy. The academy is charitable and also offers scholarships to deserving students.

Industry Firsts:
Eggless Cake Mix Formulation
100% Vegetarian Mousse Mix Formulation
100% Vegetarian Fondant/Gum Paste Formulation with Unlimited Flavours
Chocolate and Fondant moulds
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