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Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s baking academy offer Professional Consultancy in the field of Baking and Confectionery. Over the years Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra have offered their professional expertise to open Institutions and Bakeries. Mostly, all industry consultants help and offer assistance upto the stage of opening the bakery only, there is no help offered beyond the opening to new and upcoming entrepreneurs in the field of Baking. It is at this stage that newcomers need regular professional guidance on various factors regarding opening their own bakery including an apt training on all aspects involved with running a successful bakery. Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra walk bakery owner through their teething period and provide continuous professional guidance as and when required by the newcomer. All kinds of professional trainings and professional guidance is imparted so as to make the bakery owner completely self dependent. Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra give a kick start to new bakery owners and existing bakery owners as well.
Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s baking academy provide the following:
• Professional training Course (For Bakery Owners): Includes all courses with Practical Training also. Course includes Costing, Pricing, etc. This course is for 2-4 months.
• Professional Consultancy: Includes Buying Machinery, Standardising all Recipes, Arranging Workers, Layout of Workshop & Regular visits.
As R&D consultants Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra have developed techniques for new products being introduced in the market, and converted popular recipes from egg products to eggless products. Also developing and converting recipes into Low calorie, Low sugar, Vegan, Gluten free and health based bakery and Confectionary items.

In the course of conducting research and development, Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra have also developed several successful marketable food mixes for the baking and confectionery industry which have made various bakeries popular.
•  Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix (RED VELVET, CHOCOLATE, BROWNIE, ORANGE, ETC.)
•  Exclusive Eggless Mousse/Soufflés Mix (CHOCOLATE, STRAWBERRY, MANGO, BLUEBERRY, ETC.)
•  Exclusive Eggless Fondant Mix (COLA, ORANGE FANTA, BEER, CHOCOLATE, ETC.)
•  Exclusive Eggless Gluten free Mix for various kinds of Cakes Cookies and Breads
•  Exclusive Vegan Cake Mix
Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra specialize in Eggless, Vegetarian and Jain Products in which they have gained popularity for their contribution to the baking and confectionery industry.

Amongst some of our esteemed Customers are popular names like:
• Rich Kwality Products Ltd. Mumbai, Developing applications for their products.
• Iskcon, Hare Krishna Mandir, Govinda Restaurant, Mumbai for optimal use of our Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix and Exclusive Eggless Mousse/Soufflé Mix.
• City Bakery, Worli, Mumbai for optimal use of Exclusive Eggless Cake Mix and Exclusive Eggless Mousse Mix and New product developments.
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