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Why do we stress on Eggless?
Eggs contain D.D.T. :
After eighteen months of research it has been established that 30% of eggs contains D.D.T. (Poison).
--- Agricultural Dept., Florida, America, Health Bulletin – October 1967
How healthy are eggs?
Eggs cause Heart Trouble, High Blood Pressure etc.
Even if we had the best of eggs we would be better off without them, as they are too high in cholesterol. They are one of the important causes in diseases of the heart, arteries, brain, kidney, gallstones etc. While fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils have none or hardly any cholesterol.
--- Dr. Catherine, Oceano, California (U.S.A.) – How healthy are eggs?, P 7
Eggs cause Corrosion of Blood Vessels
Eggs are also harmful. You may say that egg and I get along well, but a chemical analysis proves differently. The yoke of eggs contain cholesterol, a waxy alcohol that deposits in the liver and blood vessels producing corrosion, hardening of the arteries. --- Dr.J.Wilkins (England), How healthy are eggs?, P 6-7
The factor in egg white that causes Eczema is AVIDIN. --- Dr.J.Wilkins (England), How healthy are eggs?, P 4
Eggs cause Skin Diseases & Paralysis
The Egg white is the more harmful portion of the egg. Animals fed on fresh egg white developed severe skin inflammation and paralysis.
--- Dr. Robert Gross ( England ), How healthy are eggs?, P 3-4

Welcome a Healthy Vegetarian Diet of Fruits, Vegetables & Milk, avoid or maybe even give up eggs

The food value of milk is high, as excellent proteins are available in it. There is little that eggs supply which milk cannot. In the age of science particularly all the minerals and the vitamins can be supplied artificially and these could supplement milk wherever necessary. A Lactovegetarian Diet properly constructed is as nourishing as a diet containing meat or eggs. Dependence on meat or eggs for vitamins is no longer necessary. --- Dr. Anand Nimai Surta, How healthy are eggs?, P 5-6
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