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Professional Courses Schedule
(November 2017)
Course Start Time - 2.00 pm
Course name Date
Eggless Cakes 4th Nov.
Breads - International 9th Nov.
Professional Icing 11th & 12th Nov.
Pasta, Pizza & Risotto 13th Nov.
Mock Tails, Starters & Dips 18th Nov.
Sizzlers 22nd Nov.
Premium Eggless Cakes 27th Nov.
Eggless Fondant & Sugarcraft Cakes 28th, 29th & 30th Nov.
100 gms : Flour 50 gms: Margarine
130 gms: Condensed Milk 50 gms: Mawa (grated)
20 gms: Cashew Nuts 1 tsp: Butter Scotch / Butter Essence
1 tsp: Baking Powder (heap) 1/4 tsp: Baking Soda
100 mls: Milk approx. 1/2 tsp: Cardamom Powder (optional)
(1) Beat margarine and condensed milk well. (2) Add flour, baking powder, soda and essence and beat well. (3) Add milk and beat further (4) Add the mawa and mix well. Pour butter in a bread tin and sprinkle chopped kaju on top and bake at 190° C for 25 minutes.
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