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If you wish to add a touch of artistry to your eggless creations, then this professional icing class will help you master the cake canvas. Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra provide hands on professional icing practicals on mastering the intricate icing patterns on cakes. Unleash the creative side as you work on cake borders, flower designs, petals and icing of various hues. And after you are finished you yourself might be surprised to have created some unique designs in the first place. So in this Proffessional Icing course in Mumbai, your creativity can be your best friend.

In this 2 day class of Icing you will get to learn, Cutting, Slicing, First finish to Final Finishing and Decoration of Eggless Cakes. Border designs, Lace design, Flat Flowers, Roses, Leaves, Writing, etc. Its a "DO IT YOURSELF" Class. All ingredients like Icing, Eggless Cake Sponge, and Boards etc will be provided.
Professional Icing, Decoration of Cakes Course
Professional Courses Schedule
(November 2017)
Course Start Time - 2.00 pm
Course name Date
Eggless Cakes 4th Nov.
Breads - International 9th Nov.
Professional Icing 11th & 12th Nov.
Pasta, Pizza & Risotto 13th Nov.
Mock Tails, Starters & Dips 18th Nov.
Sizzlers 22nd Nov.
Premium Eggless Cakes 27th Nov.
Eggless Fondant & Sugarcraft Cakes 28th, 29th & 30th Nov.
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