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Eggless Fondant & Sugarcraft Cakes -
3 Day Class
Enhance the visual appeal of your creations. Drape the eggless cake and adorn them with floral and animal patterns. Find your cake styling mentor in Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra and learn the basic techniques and unleash your creativity. Reserve your place in Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s sessions on Eggless Fondant and Sugarcraft cakes. Pave the way to becoming an exemplary cake creator and artist.

Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra conduct Sugarcraft courses in Mumbai, at their academy located at Vile Parle (W). The Eggless Fondant and Sugarcraft classes are spread over 3 days. Have practical sessions on techniques of
  • Making Eggless Sugarcraft Icings, Eggless Fondant, Frosty Toppings for Cup cakes, etc.
  • Cup cake Decorations, Fondant Embossers, Animal characters, the use of wires, flower buds and stems.
  • Creation of main flowers like Roses, Lilies, etc. and filler flowers.
  • Draping the cake, fondant matting, border making and use of ribbon cutters.
Eggless Fondant and Sugarcraft Cakes Course

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