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Give a makeover of sorts to your menu. To top it all here you get the chance of feasting on junk food with the added advantage of it all being chemical free and preservative free. Introduce diversity and add colour with Continental nibbles like Salads, Cutlets, Hot Dogs, Vegetable Sandwiches and Rolls, etc. Translate this wishful thinking into reality at Sonjuhi and Vijay Raj Malhotra’s academy. Connect with them for the specifics of the most scrumptious Continental recipes complete with various sauces and dressings which again are chemical free and preservative free making it healthy and tasty at the same time. Lay out a collage of delicacies to your loved ones and watch them relish the spread in a flash.

Burgers, Salads and Subs classes are conducted in Mumbai, at their academy located at Vile Parle (W).

During this session, you will get to learn:
  • Hotdog and Burger breads
  • 5 Cutlets
  • Ketchup (Chemical free)
  • 1000 Island sauce (Chemical free and low cal)
  • 6 Salads (low cal)
  • Hash potatoes
  • Coleslaw
  • Gherkins (Naturally made chemical free)
  • Eggless mayonnaise (Chemical free and low cal)
  • Vegetable sandwiches
  • Vegetable Rolls and many more...
Hotdogs, Burgers, Veg Rolls, Salads, Sandwiches Course
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(January 2018)
Course Start Time - 2.00 pm
Course name Date
Eggless Cakes 2nd Jan
Pasta, Pizza & Risotto 9th Jan
Sizzlers 12th Jan
Premium Eggless Cakes 13th Jan
Breads - International 17th Jan
Assorted Chocolate 23rd Jan
Exotic Cakes - International 30th Jan
Eggless Fondant &
Sugarcraft Cakes
31st Jan, 1st & 2nd Feb
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